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Step into a realm of unparalleled chiropractic care led by Dr. Harris, where our extraordinary team of experts stands ready to support you in your quest for pain relief. With a commitment to exceeding your service expectations, each member of our team is dedicated to providing the utmost care. Whether you’ve suffered an accident or pushed your limits at the gym, trust our team to treat you with the compassion and proficiency you rightfully deserve. Continue reading to acquaint yourself with our remarkable team members!


Chiropractic Neurologist

DR. Susan G. Pellegrino


Natalie Rodriguez

Occupational Therapist


Patient Advocate




Susan G. Pellegrino is a highly experienced and dedicated chiropractor who has been making a positive impact in the field for over 27 years. Susan embarked on her educational journey at Life University, located in Marietta, Georgia. It was at this esteemed institution that she honed her skills and acquired the knowledge necessary to become a proficient chiropractic practitioner.

In 1996, Susan successfully graduated from Life University with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, solidifying her expertise in the field. Her time at the university equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the human body’s intricate mechanics and the art of chiropractic adjustments.

Susan’s professional journey has been shaped by a pivotal moment in her life—an automobile accident she experienced in her early 20s. Following the accident, Susan sought chiropractic care, which eventually alleviated her chronic headaches. This transformative experience inspired her to devote herself to the field and share the remarkable benefits of chiropractic care with others.

Over the years, Susan has gained proficiency in various chiropractic techniques and has become certified in flexion distraction and Thompson drop table methods. Additionally, she has mastered other approaches, including Pro Adjuster, activator, and full spine/diversified techniques. By employing this diverse skill set, Susan ensures that each patient receives tailored and effective treatment.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Susan finds fulfillment in her personal life. She is happily married and takes great pride in her role as a loving mother to two wonderful young men. As a chiropractor and a mother, Susan understands the significance of maintaining optimal spinal health for individuals of all ages, including her own family.

Susan G. Pellegrino’s career as a chiropractor has been defined by her passion for the field and her commitment to enhancing the well-being of her patients. Through her extensive knowledge, compassionate care, and personal experiences, she continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of those she serves.


Meet Natalie Rodriguez, she is an Occupational Therapist working at The Spine Institute of New Jersey. She graduated with her undergraduate from Saint Joseph’s University and her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy at American International College.

Her role at The Spine Institute is to provide specialized care and support to patients with various musculoskeletal and functional limitations. Her primary goal is to help patients regain or enhance their ability to perform daily activities and improve their overall quality of life.

She has always enjoyed helping people and strives to work towards finding a holistic approach to each individual’s needs. She monitors progress, makes necessary adjustments to the treatment plan, and collaborates with Dr. Harris to ensure comprehensive care. She contributes to a multidisciplinary approach that aims to optimize patients’ functional abilities, reduce pain, and promote overall well-being.


Vanessa is a dedicated professional with over seven years of experience in the healthcare field. She brings a commitment to providing exceptional care and support to patients at the Spine Institute of New Jersey. Vanessa holds a strong educational background, having completed her studies in Biology and Business Administration at Rutgers University.

As a Patient Advocate and Outreach Manager, Vanessa excels in fostering strong relationships and ensuring clear communication among healthcare providers and external offices. In her role as an Outreach Manager, she actively engages with the community, establishing meaningful connections and valuable collaborations.

Vanessa’s expertise lies in facilitating collaboration and advocating for patients’ needs. With her versatile skill set and her ability to speak fluent Spanish, Vanessa effectively communicates and empathizes with patients from diverse backgrounds, creating a welcoming and inclusive healthcare experience.

Her proactive approach and unwavering dedication to patient care ensure that each individual receives personalized attention and support. Vanessa’s commitment to outstanding service, along with her role as an Outreach Manager, make her an invaluable asset to the Spine Institute of New Jersey.


Dr. Andrew is a licensed acupuncturist in New York and New Jersey, specializing in acupuncture and Chinese medicine. In 2018, he earned his doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, solidifying his expertise in the field. With a passion for helping people feel better and being part of their healing journey, he finds fulfillment in witnessing individuals recover, find happiness, and rediscover the joy of living.


Dr. Andrew tailors various acupuncture styles to meet each patient’s unique needs, providing relief from local pain and achieving therapeutic goals through precise needle placement. By embracing a holistic approach and carefully considering the patient’s chief complaint and lifestyle, he strives for optimal healing outcomes.


Dr. Andrew’s compassionate nature creates a welcoming environment where patients can unwind and relax, never feeling rushed. Beyond his practice, he seeks solace in nature, travels, explores new healing modalities, and enjoys playing music, including engaging in drum circles with his Djembe. Vipassana meditation retreats hold a special place in his spiritual journey.