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Eliminating Pain One Spine at a Time.

We are committed to assisting our patients in achieving optimum health and well-being because we firmly believe that everyone deserves to live a life free of pain and discomfort. We specialize in non-invasive, drug-free treatments for a variety of musculoskeletal disorders at our facility. Our chiropractors are proficient in a range of treatments and collaborate closely with each patient to create individualized treatment plans that take into account their particular requirements.


Our objective is to arm our patients with the knowledge and resources they require to take charge of their health and lead the most fulfilling lives possible. We are here to support you every step of the journey, whether you are coping with chronic pain or healing from an injury.


At the Spine Institute of New Jersey, our goal is to treat each spine individually to relieve pain. Let us help you achieve optimal health and wellbeing today.

How Ultrasound Works?

Ultrasound therapy is a chiropractic treatment used to help reduce muscle pain and increase range of motion. By using sound waves, we are able to stimulate deep inside the tissue. This minimizes stiffness, swelling, and pain while also promoting circulation, and pain-free movement.

Benefits of Ultrasound

Real-time imaging is a feature of ultrasound that enables doctors to see the movement of organs and tissues since the images are collected in real-time.

it can be used to view the heart, blood arteries, abdomen, pelvis, and musculoskeletal system, among other body components.

Is it Good for my Condition?

For some situations, ultrasound might be a useful option because it is thought to be secure and non-invasive. However, the exact ailment being treated as well as other individual circumstances will determine its efficacy and appropriateness.

Recovery Time

Ultrasound does not employ ionizing radiation or call for the injection of contrast material, which might have negative side effects and necessitate some recovery time, unlike certain other medical imaging techniques like CT or MRI scans.

Aftercare Instructions

During ultrasound, there are no specific aftercare recommendations. Following the operation, patients can immediately return to their regular routines.


The body’s organs, tissues, and structures may all be visualized in great detail using ultrasound, which is a very powerful imaging technology. The proficiency of the professional doing the process, along with the caliber of the tools utilized, determines how well ultrasonography works.


Ultrasound is a painless imaging method that results in no discomfort or agony while being performed. Patients may feel some pressure or mild discomfort if the ultrasound probe is pressed against their skin, but this is usually not painful.